Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Ultimate Kiss contest

The Ultimate Kiss Contest Rules:

1. Either post a kiss scene that you have read in a book on your blog and leave me a comment with the link to it OR post the scene in your comment here.

Here is an example of a kiss scene:
It was just a little kiss, more like a brush. At least it started that way. It started as the tiniest nothing, but Levi wrapped his arm around my shoulder and the kiss deepened. I responded; he tasted like cookies and cream and smelled like cedar. My hands dug into his hair.
~p. 109; Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge~
2. Make sure the book title, author's name and page # where the scene is located is posted.
3. Make sure your e-mail contact is on your post
4. Post anytime between Feb. 7th - 12th. Winner will be drawn from all those that post on Feb. 13th.
5. If you post your scene at your site and tell others about this contest with a link to this contest in the post you'll get an extra bonus point.
6. If you use my cute angel picture at the top of this post we'll get an extra bonus point.
7. You may post a different scene from a different book each day to get extra bonus points; however, only one scene per day per person.

that is a Total of 4 possible points per day.
You only need to leave me one comment per day
Now, for the prize...

Sweet By and By by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck
(read my review here)
Mary Engelbreit magnetic list pad
(saying on pad: Make the most of yourself ... for that is all there is of you.)
a bag of milk chocolate Kisses

Please let's make this clean fun. I have the right to deny any scene I deem unacceptable. I don't want vulgar things posted. I have the right to post on my blog what I want posted. That is why I check all comments before they appear. I don't want vulgar associated with my blog. I want clean fun.



Michelle Sutton said...


Author is Michelle Sutton. Book is titled In Plain Sight. Release date is April 1, 2010. page 75

"You do not like how I look?" Her chin trembled. He thought she was ugly?
He leaned close and captured her gaze. "I think you look much more beautiful without all that paint on. When you are yourself, you... well, you're stunning. But this... this look is not you."
She looked at her reflection in the mirror and while she decided to do as he asked, she cried as she walked upstairs and entered her bathroom. Why did he not like the way she wore her make-up? Didn't all American men want their women to have movie star good looks? But maybe that wasn't the real issue. She had never been to an American church before. Maybe they were more conservative when they dressed for services and he didn't want her to embarrass herself. That had to be it.
After scrubbing her face clean and re-applying just a touch of mascara, a little bit of blush and lip gloss, she glanced in the mirror. This was how she normally looked, except she always pulled her hair into a ponytail for work. She didn't want to wear her hair up to church, so she kept it down. She also selected a modest dress and one inch heels and checked her reflection in the mirror. Now she looked like a normal woman, so how was she supposed to capture his attention this way? She shrugged and decided to go downstairs. This time she just walked down and left the strutting behind.
Randy smiled and whistled at her. "Now that is what I call sexy."
She laughed. "You joke me."
"No, I'm serious. I prefer a woman whose clothing is modest and whose face looks natural."
She grinned and approached him. "Then this is what you will see."
"Good." He smiled and touched her cheek, and then kissed her briefly on the lips.
Before she realized what had happened, it was over. Her throat knotted and she blinked back tears. Such a simple, kind expression of affection touched her deeply, and yet she didn't know how to respond. She hated not being in control of her emotions, but at the same time she wanted more of this gentleness that was so unfamiliar to her. Something told her that the time she'd be spending with Randy was going to be the longest, most frightening two weeks of her life.
She only hoped that she would not ruin whatever might have sparked in Randy's heart.

Abi said...

Oh, a real tease for wants coming in the future. Sounds yummy to me. Thanks for posting Michelle.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Rebecca’s heart fluttered at the charming, boyish grin he bestowed on her. She knew he’d spoken more than mere words; he’d spoken his heart. Tears filled her eyes and clogged her throat when she thought about what the future might hold. Standing on the threshold of that great unknown, she had never been more acutely aware of anything than she was of this moment, this man.

He was looking at her intently. His thumbs caressed the back of her hands, chasing the chill from her blood. Lethargic warmth stole over her. As though in a fog she watched him lift her hands to his mouth and press his lips to her palm in a caress so tender it sent shivers down her spine.

She lowered her gaze, and he lifted her chin with his finger and waited until she looked at him again. “I want to kiss you, Becca, here in the midst of Paradise,” he whispered, his lips covering hers with devastating tenderness.

Rebecca heard his primitive grunt of satisfaction when he let go of her hands and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. An answering purr escaped her as tiny pinpoints of pleasure bathed her senses with light and color. Never in her life had she felt so alive, so consumed with sensations.

Whether a moment or an eternity, she had no idea how long they stood there, his mouth in sweet possession of hers. All she knew was that when the kiss was over she was plastered against his hard body, her breathing was sharp almost painful and her fists were clenched in his thick, sandy-colored hair.

page #45 ~ The Inheritance by Pamela S Thibodeaux "Inspirational with an Edge!"

Abi said...

OOOOOO, AAAAAA, nice. Thanks for posting. Loved it.