Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ultimate Kiss Day # 1 ~ Never Say Never

I just couldn't resist posting a kiss from Mrs. Clause.
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Kiss Scene taken from:
Lisa Wingate's Never say Never, p. 216, 217

His eyes were the most gorgeous shade of golden brown now, like caramel with a small, silvery pool of mint melting toward the centers. "You're doing it again, you know, " he said.

"What?" The word was throaty, inviting.

"Changing the subject. It makes you hard to figure out."

"Sorry." I knew I was leaning closer to him, or he was leaning closer to me.

"Don't be," he whispered, and I felt the room spin.

"What..." I swallowed hard, blinked, tried to gather a coherent thought, but I couldn't. "What did you want to know?"

"Everything." His lips met mine and I was lost. Any coherent thought flew from my mind, and there was only the scent, the touch, the fell of him. I felt his fingers slip into my hair, felt his body turn, lean into mine, felt my body mold against his, strangely familiar, as if I'd been imagining this before it happened.

Either the washer changed cycles or the earth moved, but everything shifted at once.

The end of the kiss was like waking from some alternate state of reality. I leaned against the washer, hot and dizzy, my head floaty and light. I felt his and trail along my skin, his fingers toying with mine, then letting go.

I stood staring into his eyes, truing to remember why I was there....

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