Monday, February 8, 2010

Ultimate Kiss Day # 2 ~ Plain Jayne

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Kiss scene taken from:
Hillary Manton Lodge's Plain Jayne, p. 232

My thoughts concerning Levi were wildly conflicting. I hated the ideas of him selling the shop. I met him at the shop. I think I fell for him at the shop. I loved everything it stood for.

Without the shop, though, Levi was still Levi. He still smelled the same. His eyes still crinkled when he laughed. I knew he still cared about his family. I knew he still cared about me.

I knew this, because one of his hands was buried in my hair, the other nestled in the small of my back, holding me steady. His lips caressed mine, over and over.

We camp up for air a couple moments later. His eyes burned into mine as he stroked my hair. "I love you, " he said.

I froze. I knew I was crazy about him. I knew I didn't want to be without him. But love?

Love was a big deal.

Rather than answer, I kissed him.

Kissed him and hoped he didn't think too deeply about it...

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