Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ultimate Kiss Day # 3 ~ A Lady Like Sarah

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Kiss scene taken from:
Margaret Brownley's book A Lady Like Sarah, p 173.

He spread a blanket on the ground and lay Elizabeth on it. Then without warning, he spun around and crushed Sarah into his arms, sending her hat flying to the ground.

Oblivious to onlookers, he kissed her hard. His lips on hers made her heart pound till she could hardly breathe.

"Stay with me, Sarah," he said between kisses. "I won't let them hurt your, I won't. God will help us find a way. You have to believe that."

She was tempted-more tempted than she had ever been in her life-but her feelings for this man far outweighed any selfish notions she had.

She stared up at the face that she had come to know so well. Seeing the pain in his eyes was almost harder to bear than the anguish she felt.

"How would it look for a preacher to be hangin' out with a Prescott?"

The frown on his forehead deepened. Something seemed to die inside of him. "I don't know that I have much heart left for preaching, " he said, feathering kisses on her forehead.

"That's crazy talk," she said, adding in a quieter but no less firm voice, "Preachin' is your life, your work."

"It's God's work, and he deserves someone who can give heart and soul to the job."

"And that someone is you," she said. "Don't go thinkin' it's not, you hear?"

He shook his head sadly, like a man who had seen his last dream fade away. "My heart won't be in it, Sarah. Not if you're gone." He hesitated. "I'm not even sure I'm cut out for the work anymore."

"Don't say that, Justin. Look how you helped that poor man who lost his wife and child. You even made a believer out of me."

He smiled at that. "I think you always believed. You just need to learn to trust God."

I do trust Him," she said softly, "and I believe God means for you to be a preacher." ...

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