Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Hope Bible Studies for Women

I have one of each of these Bible Studies for giveaway. Read to end of post to find out how you can enter. First, I'd like to tell you about this Bible study series.
Each study is a 5 week study divided into 5 work session days per week.
Each daily session includes:
  • scripture reading
  • questions to answer
  • reflections on the topic
  • personal parable for applying the topic personally
  • mentering moments - daily topic wisdom
At the end of the 5 daily sessions is a faith in action wrap-up for applying what is learned over the 5 days along with a prayer.

The study may be done
one-on-one as mentor/mentee sessions

Each book has
  • lay-flat binding for easy writing
  • compact and easy to use
  • ideas for further studies
  • leader's guide
  • session guide
  • pages added for journaling

Face-to-Face with Mary and Martha
sisters in Christ
Through this interactive study of Mary and Martha of Bethany, women will learn to embrace their diversity as sisters in Christ. God has blessed the body of Christ with a variety of spiritual gifts, personalities, and life experiences. By discovering and combining these, women can learn to complement one another in serving the church and reaching out in love to others. As sisters in Christ, they can realize their potential for accomplishing all the purposes that God has for them.

Face-to Face with Elizabeth and Mary
generation to generation
After telling Mary that she would be a virgin who gives birth to God’s son, the angel Gabrielle mentions that Mary’s older relative Elizabeth is also having a miraculous pregnancy. The Bible tells us that Mary immediately went to visit Elizabeth. We can only speculate as to why Mary did not stay home with her own mother, but it could be because Mary knew she needed to talk to another woman who could relate to and understand her situation—she needed a Spiritual Mother.

Face-to-Face with Euodia and Syntyche
from conflict to community
Women—and men—may not admit to having disagreements or conflicts, but the very lack of admission to this inevitable aspect of relationships accentuates the tremendous need for learning how to deal with conflict. People–including those who develop a close relationship of any kind—will disagree eventually. However, when women avoid resolving disagreements, relationships end without reconciliation, and this compromises ministry success. Face-to-Face with Euodia and Syntyche explores the causes of conflict and how Christians can biblically achieve a resolution and reconciliation.

This giveaway will have two mandatory questions to comment on:
1.) Visit Woman to Woman site here and come back and tell me something you learned or something you saw of interest.
2.) tell me which of the three Bible study books featured you would be most interested in winning and why?, if all three please remember you'll only be able to win one when all is said and done.
3.) Please this is only open to US residents only. Sorry.
4.) Drawing will be held on Friday, April 30,th.

Want bonuses? (first mandatory above must be accomplished)
one extra for the following:
  • follower
  • subscriber
  • if you followed a link tell me where you heard about this giveaway.

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The winners are:

For more information about this book click here.

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Megan said...

Well, I see at Woman to Woman, there is a fourth book in the series that I would be especially interested to read...Naomi and Ruth.

I am actually going to have to bookmark that site, because I have recently become a mentor and it looks like there are some good resources there.

Out of the three you are giving away I would probably choose Mary and Martha because I love the theme of learning about different spiritual gifts and using them together to stengthen The Body!!

I would also like the Euodia and Syntyche because I do not know much about them.

inspiredbyfiction at gmail dot com

Megan said...

We posted this at Winning Readings

inspiredbyfiction at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm most interested in the Euodia and Syntyche book, but will admit it is a hard choice. From the website I see that Janet has many more books in process that I know will minister to many people.

ebeandebe at gmail dot com

Cindy W. said...

While I would love to have any of the Bible studies I think I would like Euodia and Syntyche. Please enter me in your drawing.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Cindy W. said...

Hi again, I'm also a follower and an subscriber.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W


Edna said...

when I visited her site I was impressed at all the books and you could just click on them and see what they are about.

Please enter me


Edna said...

I follow you on google


Edna said...

I have your button on my blog


Edna said...

I love you blog the lighter side it is so fresh and neat.


Julia said...

I would like to read about Elizabeth and Mary because I am very interested in the subject of women mentoring women.


Patsy said...

Would love to win this Bible Study. I really enjoy Bible Study Series. It causes you to really understand what you're studing. Carmen sent me to this site to enter.

Linda Kish said...

I noticed a book that is a companion guide for women with breast cancer.

I would love to read any of these books but will choose Euodia and Syntyche.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Jen said...

I have never heard of this author until now. So that in itself is something new I learned. I am looking forward to reading more about her Bible Studies.

If I were to win I'd like the Euodia and Syntyche book.


Jen said...

I would be most interested in winning the Euodia and Syntyche book. Why? Because conflict is everywhere and I must admit I am not one who handles it well. This would be a perfect study for me.

Jen said...

I am following your blog via email.

Jen said...

I am a follower of your blog.

Jen said...

I found your give a way from the UBP '10.

Debbie F said...

In visiting the site I see that there are so many books available. I would like the Mary & Martha one, but would also like the Prodigal Daughter book - my friend would really like to read that one as her daughter has had some problems, but any mother would benefit from this one.

As I said above if I had to choose I would get the Mary & Martha, but any of them would be great!

I'm a follower!
Thanks for the giveaway!

dcf_beth at verizon dot net

LaVonne said...

I learned that a fifth book in the study series will be released in Winter 2011 about Balancing Life and Ministry. I think this one will be great too!

LaVonne said...

I like the Mary and Martha study. I think it would be beneficial for my own study but also be nice for a small group. I really enjoy studies on spiritual gifts.

Linda said...

I'm thrilled with all the resources for women to connect to women. In today's society, women NEED other women, as their lives are so scattered with work and children. This is demonstrated in the studies on Woman to Woman's site.
If I were to choose one of the three, I would choose Face-to-Face with Euodia and Syntyche. I've done a couple on Mary and Martha. The other one I'd like, but isn't being offered is Naomi and Ruth.

Please enter me. Thanks. Great site.

I'm a follower.

I'm a subscriber

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...


I'd like the Mary and Martha study--I'm working through one on them now, and would love more.
And I learned that Janet is also a speaker!