Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plain Paradise by Beth Wiseman

Brief Summery:
Linda's Amish life seemed like paradise. Until she found out her family had been hiding a secret since the day of her birth.

Beth Wiseman draws her readers into her stories. I love reading Amish stories and their way of life. In her Daughters of Promise series Wiseman has brought many Englischers into her stories. Seems Wiseman's Amish community that she portrays isn't as strict to the Old Ways as some of the other Amish fiction books that I've read are. You gotta love Jonas who has been one of the characters in and thought out this series. Very well developed plot. The message of seeking God is woven though-out the story. Only one thing that disappoints me in Wiseman's book is that there are curse words used (click here for more information). Wiseman includes some recipes and a study guide in this book also. It is evident that she writes from her heart.

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A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson for this review.

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