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The Bedtime of the Sky by Carolyn Wolfe

In this, Ms. Wolfe’s fifth book, she has returned to her roots. Wolfe started writing childrens stories in verse in the early 80’s in order to have her nephew and nieces enjoy them. Now, she has compiled them into a short collection to be enjoyed by everyone! As you can tell from the title, “The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories” was specifically written for reading at bedtime. From Dragons hiding in the sock drawer, to a Mom designing the Universe, these stories are full of magical imagery and beautifully colored illustrations that are designed to delight any young heart and let them drift peacefully off to dreamland!

When did you know you wanted to be a writer and especially to be a children's author? Did your career evolve for you to be an author or did you carefully plan it out?
I always knew I wanted to be a writer, especially a children's writer? Well, I have always made up stories, ever since I was very young. I also loved fantasy and poetry and started writing poems when I was about ten, maybe earlier. I never planned on being a writer, I just wrote, all the time! My first poem, where I actually planned all the words out carefully was this Winter one, I never titled it :
Winter when the winds grow cold
children think of winter's old
children sitting by the fire
now and then they seem to tire
even now the snow is falling
people still are loudly calling
about the newly fallen snow
that now glistens
from the window.
I have been writing poetry and prose ever since.
About being a children's writer, I believe it is an easy jump from writing poetry and fantasy to writing for children. My nieces and my nephew liked the stories I would tell them and I would surprise them by compiling the stories into a book of sorts and giving it to them for Christmas.
That was the beginning for me, of writing for kids!

My background is that I was born in England to American parents however my father was actually half British. The upshot was that I grew up with classic British books such as the Noddy series, and stories of my favorite bears like Paddington and Pooh. I have loved fantasy, magic and mischief ever since.
Lastly I just wanted to add that I currently coordinate a writer's meet up group in Winchester VA called "The Downtown Poets of Winchester.” At these meetings, we have different topics that we discuss before we share our work. At our most recent meeting, the topic was why each of us wanted to be a writer. Most of the members of the group cannot remember when they did not want to write. I am that kind of writer, I really cannot imagine doing anything else. Thank you!

The Story Behind The Book

The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories is an illustrated Children’s book of five of my original bedtime stories in verse. This book was actually written long ago for my nieces and nephew, John, Catherine and Elizabeth, when they were very young children. Although they are now in college, actually two have graduated, I do have a new little reader to write for, my four year old niece Jillian!

I love writing poetry and fantasy stories and to mix magic with ordinary experiences. These bedtime stories in verse, reflect my idea that there is magic in everyday events. For instance, I just know that there is a Dragon in the sock drawer that eats socks so we cannot find them, or that Dolls have a secret longing to help us clean up our room late at night!

There is one story in particular that was taken from a real life situation, that is titled “There’s A Baby In The Sink” and was written about a charming episode when my niece Catherine was a baby and her older brother John, who must have been about three or four at the time was vastly amused at watching his sister get a bath in my mother’s pre-civil war kitchen in Edinburg, VA. The sink was a large old fashioned metal sink that was just the right size for bathing a baby. As John looked on with a bemused expression, at his Mother washing his sister in Grandma’s sink, I realized I had to capture the moment forever. So a story was created from that magical moment!
So this book is all about magic and memories and I truly hope that it will amuse and hopefully lull children into sweet dreams, where they find their own magical adventures.

Teresa @ Teresa's Reading Corner has a contest going to win a copy of this book. You'll need to visit her site to enter. Drawing Sept. 20th.
Check out the details here.

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From the story: Bedtime Of the Sky:
The Moon has gone to bed behind Night’s Closed doors, The Milky way won’t pour and the planets soon will snore…

From the story:There’s a Baby in the Sink:
So now I know that a Kitchen sink
Can be used for more than you would think
I suppose it could wash a dish or two..
But it’s really for bathing my sister Sue….

Carolyn Anne Wolfe is an author and free-lance writer whose body of work includes four previously published books, poetry, short stories and a number of newspaper articles and editorials. Wolfe is an animal and human rights activist as well as a vegetarian and these beliefs are strongly reflected in her writing. She lives with her husband and many animal companions in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
You can find Carolyn at

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Wow! How can I not be thrilled with such a wonderful hosting of my book. Thank you so much Apple Blossom for havng me on your lovely site today! I will be popping in from time to time today to answer any questions!
Carolyn Wolfe

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To Literarily Speaking- Thank you so much for your kind words about my interview. I love to know the back story on writers and authors as well!

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I read this book earlier in the tour. It's wonderful. I'm going to donate mine to the local children's hospital.