Thursday, September 2, 2010

Merit Badges I've earned

Just have to tell you about this site I found. It is called Merit Badger. You can collect merit badges to put on your site that describe you. Right now they are posting badges that have to do with reading and writing. In order to post the badges proudly you must tell why you deserve the badge. Here are some badges I came across that I thought I deserved.

My Bookshelves Overfloweth Badge
I think this one is top badge. My books are stacked on the floor and are packed in boxes. I'm out of bookshelf space.

Historical fiction Badge
Just take a look at my Historical fiction section I have 72 books posted under it so I think pretty much love historical fiction with a variety of authors.

Taste-Tester Badge
I like to pick put new genres , debut authors, new series, you name it I love to taste test books.

Losing Track of Time Badge
“Be right there after I finish this page” actually means:

A) I’ll be right there after I finish this page.

B) Just give me a few minutes.

C) If I’m not there in a couple hours, don’t panic. I’ll realize eventually. I apologize in advance. this is ME

All Library Fines are Paid Badge

All my Library fines are paid up at the present time. I have no outstanding debt to my local library.



Unknown said...

I love it! I'll need to grab some too!

Carrie said...

haha! That's kinda cute. Takes me back to my Brownie days!