Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia by Tammy Sutton-Brown

The Adventures of Cree and Scooter is a series geared toward children aged 4 to 8, and it exposes readers to various cultures in an age appropriate manner. Oscillating between the spheres of reality and fantasy, this book connects readers to the two main characters, Cree and Scooter, as they navigate their way through many countries across the globe while Cree dreams in her bed at night. Together Cree and Scooter travel to countries such as China, Egypt, Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, India, Japan and many more to experience the richness and uniqueness of many cultures of the world. In Cree and Scooter’s outrageous adventures each book in this series showcases some ‘travel mishaps’ and humor into the storyline to engage the audience. Cree and Scooter differ from traditional children’s books, as it infuses academic learning into fun adventures. This series of books includes opportunities for readers to learn world geography, history, key words from different languages, and many different cultural customs. The first book in the series begins on the continent of North America, in the country of Canada: Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia.

“Cree”, Scooter was saying, “Fasten your seatbelt, just like you do in the car.“Scooo…ter,” Cree said.

“You’re talking! How is that possible?”

“Special things happen when we dream.”

“Wow!” Cree exclaimed with glee.

“This is going to be the best plane ride ever!”

 Do you want your child to have fun while reading and even be learning?  Well, then the Cree and Scooter books are just the books for them.  In this book Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia your child will learn fun facts about Canada and also learn some words in French.  This is the first book in a Global series that Tammy Sutton-Brown is putting together.  Not only will they learn while reading the book, but there are bonus pages at the end with fun activities to do.  Color pages, word searches, puzzles, mazes and other activities.  You can also find Cree and Scooter on-line and meet other characters from the book. Activities will also be up coming on the web site so head over there and check it out.  I'm really excited to see all the places that Cree and Scooter will be visiting.  And I know where they will be off too next because they told me in their book.  ;P  I can't wait to see what adventures await them in................  oh, and you thought I was going to tell didn't ya. It just isn't going to happen you'll have to get your hands on a book to find out.  Become a world traveler and love it.

 WNBA veteran and two-time All Star, Tammy Sutton-Brown was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. However, she has spent more time living abroad than in her home town. Tammy believes that exposure to various cultures, languages, traditions, and values enhance the quality of one’s life. This philosophy has motivated Tammy to travel extensively. She has visited more than forty countries across five continents. Tammy’s motivation for writing this series is to encourage early literacy and have children engaged in what they are reading.

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