Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing Up Ziglar by Julie Ziglar Norman

In her book Growing up Ziglar, Julie Ziglar Norman many times over says that she and she alone is responsible for the bad in her life.  This powerful story of her life will give you a glimpse into what it was like to grow up in a positive family and still make wrong choices.  What an inspiration Julie leaves on her readers.  Julie is transparent all the way through the book she doesn't try to hid the bad choices that she made and the fact they she and she alone is the one responsible for those choices.  Her book will help you get a glimpse of God's grace and forgiveness.  Here are some things you may discover while reading Growing up Ziglar:
  • power to let go of shame and embrace freedom
  • courage to live with deeper faith and transparency
  • hope that God can beautifully redeem even your worst choices
  • tools to equip you to make needed changes
You may check out Julies web site here.

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