Friday, March 9, 2012

SCANDALON by Susan Elaine Jenkins

Welcome back to MEMOIRS IN MARCH!

During March we are excited to be featuring Cladach's line of international Memoirs. These stories happened in China, Israel, Taiwan, Western Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa and America.

Each week you can download free Amazon Kindle e-books, enjoy updates from the authors, try new recipes from the countries where the stories are told, see slideshows and more!

Today, and for the next 4 days, we are offering a free download of the Kindle version of Scandalon by Susan Elaine Jenkins:

Running from scandal -- in her family, church and community life -- Susan moves from California to China. At first, the adventure of experiencing an exotic culture brings the escape she craves. Gradually, as the layers of mystery and reserve fall away, she gets to know her new Chinese friends on deeper levels. At the same time the self-protective layers around her own heart peel back painfully, exposing her inner brokenness.

With vivid and transparent writing, Susan takes us on a fascinating journey into the streets and homes of modern China. The travel memoir is interspersed with Susan's personal story of emotional and spiritual sabotage, shame and shattered dreams. It all comes together as she opens her heart anew to God's love - the most "scandalous" love of all.

Watch a video of Susan talking about Scandalon and discover more tidbits offered during “Memoirs in March” at:
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"Susan Elaine Jenkins has a special sparkling style of writing.... A story of personal healing, positive spiritual growth, and renewed hope."  ~ Richard L. Marchal

"Thanks for the courage to share the story. And especially thanks for weaving your experiences in China into the other story. It made what could have been a tabloid shocker into an account of grace."  ~ Rev. Bill Doggett

Get “carried away” to China while reading this poignant memoir.


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Susan Elaine Jenkins said...

Thanks so much for sharing my book with your readers on your page!

I appreciate it.

God bless you!