Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring releases by Sylvan Dell Publishing

And we have a new batch of wonderful books from Sylvan Dell Publishing to present to you.  I just love Sylvan Dell's books.  The illustrations are bright and colorful  and the content is so educational.  In each book your child is learning and you don't even have to tell them that they are learning.  Each book listed below has four pages at the end of the book packed with learning activities to supplement the book and learning process.  You may also want to check out their website for more free activities to go along with each book, it is a teacher's Paradise. 

Gopher to the Rescue!
A Volcano Recovery Story
By Terry Catasus Jennings, Illus. by Laurie O’Keefe
My Review: Very interesting to see how the forest animals react to a volcano erupting and how they put their life back together afterward.  It may take time, but nature has a way of coming back.  It will be different but life does come back to the area.  Change, but recovery are brought to life in this book.  In the extra activities your child learns about volcanoes and the core of the earth.  learns about natural disasters and how habitats can be changed.  There is a hands on experiment relating to pressure and melting.  If you have one that interested in the whys of volcanoes then this is just the book needed. You may click on book cover or title to learn more about this book.

By Suzanne Slade, Illus. by Erin E. Hunter
My Review:  When my teen daughter glanced through this book she said, "Hey, mom, that's cool kids learn to divide in this book."  This book will make math a little funner if that is such a word.  Also the reader will learn What each animal group that is presented in the book is called (ex:  lions-pride, whales-pod and llamas-herd)  Do you know what a group of humming birds is called or a group of rhinos?  The book is written in rhyming verse, Very catchy.  the hands on activity in the back of the book has the reader using cookies, Now who wouldn't want to have a cookie and learn at the same time.  there is a page with match the picture group with the collective noun word for the group.  There is also a geography activity as to where the animal may be found in the world.  Also terms of facts comparing division over multiplication.  You may click on book cover or title to learn more about this book.
By Janet Halfmann, Illus. by Shennen Bersani
My Review:  Do you have a little cave explorer in your family?  well then Home in the Cave is just the book for them to explore and and learn more about caves and life in them.  Cave habitat can be very interesting to learn about.  The activities help the reader to learn more about life in the cave and rocks that form there.  The main animal that is brought into this book is the bat and how helps all animal life in the cave.  Very interesting.  You may click on book cover or title to learn more about this book.
By Carol A Cole, Illus. by Sherry Rogers
My Review:  I thought this was the cutest book the Penguin Lady helps young readers count and learn different penguin species and where they live in the world.  So your child is learning math and geography with this book.  The extra activities compare and contrast penguins along with geography fun and measuring for math.  You may click on book cover or title to learn more about this book.
By Jean Heilprin Diehl, Illus. by Cathy Morrison
My Review:  This book is all about learning and discovering one's special talents and living in harmony with the differences among us.  Everyone is different.  Those young readers that are interested in learning more about beavers and their life this would be a good book for them.  There's a fun hands on activity building your own lodge/dam.  Learn fun beaver facts as well as pest and environmental issues in the fun activities included in this book as well.  You may click on book cover or title to learn more about this book.

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