Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hostage in Taipei by McGill Alexander

Welcome back to Memoirs in March!
This week we are featuring Hostage in Taipei: A True Story of Forgiveness and Hope by McGill Alexander.

For 5 days, starting today, we are offering a (free) download of the Kindle edition:
Mac Alexander was serving as South Africa's military attach̩ in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997, when he and his family were taken hostage in their home by the most feared and dangerous criminal on the island: Chen Chin-hsing. Using Mac and his oldest daughter as human shields in shoot-outs with the police, Chen brought them to the brink of death, as both were shot in the crossfire. But the family responded with love and forgiveness by leading Chen to Christ Рand everlasting life Рbefore his execution.

Watch the National Geographic video reenactment of this family’s hostage takeover, read an interview with Anne Alexander, Mac’s wife, visit the blogs listed on the blog tour and find other tidbits offered during Memoirs in March at

"You did a good deal of justice to the most fascinating news story Taiwan had seen in a decade or more.
I also appreciate your honest, even-handed criticisms of both the police and the media, and straightforwardness
in proclaiming your faith to God." ~ David Frazier, features editor, The Taipei Times

Read this amazing testimony and get "carried away" with us. Anyone interested in current events, true-experience thrillers, and God's amazing deliverance will enjoy this book!


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