Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Always There, edited by Susan Besze Wallace

Always There is a book of compiled stories from a mom's prospective reflecting on God's ever presence to Always be There.   These stories are short and inspirational each wrapping up with a reflection of some sort; whether it is a thought, scripture or prayer.  There are a wide varitiy of author so the readers gets a wide range of reflections.  The themes that are covered showing us that God is ever present with us are:  God is with us....
  • in the firsts
  • in the mundane
  • in our sacrifices
  • in our marriages
  • in our friendships
  • in our work 
  • in laughter and play
  • and in control
  • when we feel overwhelmed 
  • and provides
I so enjoyed learning through each of these women that contributed to this book.   I'm still trying to take the every day things and see spiritual emphasis in it.  I just love how people can do that.  I don't know if I'm too busy to listen or what.  

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