Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hurry Less Worry Less for Moms by Judy Christie

Busy moms know the feeling. They’re constantly trying to fit everything – work, laundry, family fun, shuttle service, you name it – into 24-hours. They want to enjoy each day with their family but sometimes feel like they’re in quicksand and don’t know how to get started on a new path.

Author Judy Christie offers hope, inspiration, practical ideas and reminders of how important it is to step back and take a fresh look at your life in Hurry Less, Worry Less for Moms. The book includes a study guide for group or individual use.

Take a deep breath and refresh your life or that of a busy mom you know with chapters such as: A Map for Mom: Being the person you are meant to be; Organization versus Procrastination; Prayerful Not Fretful; and Making Choices, Facing Changes.
 This book is loaded with practical tools for the busy mom whether you have a infant, pre-school age, adolescent, teen or college/adult child living in your home.  Any season of a mom this book is good for you; however, we must keep in mind what works for one mom may not work for you try many ways.  There is no cookie-cutter recipe for being a mom.  The best key is slow down and enjoy the day (moment).

In this book you will find:
  • A Mom's thoughts - this is practical, inspiring thoughts for mom
  • A Mom's Quiet Corner ~ this is where you'll find a reflection of the chapter and a prayer
  • Get a tip from a busy mom
  • read a Bible passage
  • Suggestion from mom to a mom
  • concluding with a prayer for the journey
There is also a discussion guide in the back of the book that can be used in a group setting. 

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Author Judy Christie loves to help busy people slow down and enjoy each day more – in her series of novels about Green, Louisiana, and her Hurry Less Worry Less nonfiction books. Judy started her writing career as the editor of The Barret Banner in elementary school and has kept a journal since she was nine (and still has all of them). She likes wandering around flea markets, walking in the park near her North Louisiana home and visiting friends and family on her vintage green Kitchen Couch. Her most recent books are “Downtown Green,” fifth in the Green series, and “Hurry Less Worry Less for Moms.”

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