Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Life Matter by Shane Stanford

In his book Making Life Matter author Shane Stanford helps the reader see that life happens, but how we handle it is up to us.  Stanford helps the readers choose to make each day count- by being strong, stable and joyful. Each choice we make is just a piece of a larger puzzle.  We may not know how life will unfold but making each step of the journey matters AND you define the journey.  The journey may not always be easy; it can actually be quite confusing and complicated at times.  Life is all about perspective and perception. 

Each chapter ends with journey points to help the reader make life matter.  You'll find:
  • suggested study scriptures
  • a Psalm for the daily path
  • thoughts for the week
  • life questions that relate to the chapter topic discussed
You'll find that the key to life is to make each day count.  

In a world of fast-paced schedules and priorities, conversations about what makes for a life well lived are a rarity and a luxury. But what if the daily pace of life held in itself the way to make choices more significant? What if the daily to-do lists gave a glimpse into how people might change their future? What if the daily grind, as arduous as it might seem, held the key to a life full of meaning and potential? What if everyday, simple steps, instead of some complex list of seemingly unattainable principles, showed how to make life matter?

Making Life Matter answers these questions and shows that the steps for making life matter are found in rather ordinary decisions, attitudes, and patterns found in normal routines. This book is about our story and our journey, and what we do and feel along the way.

Shane Stanford is a pastor, author and teacher.  He is the Senior Pastor of Christ UMC in Memphis, TN, one of United Methodism’s largest and most influential congregations.

Shane is a former church planter as well as the Director/Host of the United Methodist Hour, a radio and television ministry airing in 30 million homes nationwide.

Shane is the author of eleven books including A Positive Life (Zondervan), The CURE for the Chronic Life (Abingdon), and Mosaic (Abingdon).

Shane has also written several articles published in such journals/magazines as Giving, CNNOnline, Alive, and The Circuit Rider.

Shane has appeared on numerous media programs including ABC’s Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.

Shane travels extensively sharing his story as an HIV positive hemophiliac and pastor.  He has presented at such venues as the Saddleback Global AIDS Summit and the National Civil Rights Museum.

He is married to Dr. Pokey Stanford (a Professor of Education) and they are the parents of three daughters, ages 14, 11, and 7.

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