Tuesday, May 1, 2012

guest article: by Nicole Borgenicht

Why You Choose to Write for Children 
 By Nicole Borgenicht, author: The Kids of Dandelion Township 

I choose to write for children because in the formation stages of our lives, we are open to seeing the world in a unique fashion. With our guidance as writers, the development of compassion through stories, can be part of consciousness building toward more peace and positive connections.

All children want to have fun and enjoy their youth. In this story the kids do not lose sight of their goals, and normal challenges that all kids face, but at the same time - they love life and the joy of childish thoughts, dreams and actions. It is through the story The Kids of Dandelion Township, that children learn about each of their feelings, comparative symbols in various holidays, crushes and other common experiences, that are in fact all similar in nature. Thus the story tells a fantasy tale of children who discover many things, but realize there is something bigger that guides us, than their personal desire. This is later seen as a cupid in the clouds, who then leads the children to a magic place. The importance of this symbol is simply that because a child has a great sense of positive understanding and compassion, it is still important to be open for spiritual signs of leadership in designing the right path for all to take. This in fact provides a world where oneness is everywhere, and while some children as with adults may be natural leaders, they know that we all look for or sense positive signs in our universe simultaneously or first.

Furthermore I write for kids because my heart is in this writing spot! My very first published article occurred at a time children in the United States tragically were exposed to violent outbreaks in schools. I called the United Nations to inquire about writing for them, and landed an article for their international newsletter The Secretariat News. The article was about American children for peace working with the United Nations, through Unicef and as well as an Arts for Peace Program in Los Angeles. I attended a wonderful event where kids performed dance, theatre and had fine art all for a peace organization. In this non-fiction piece I altered the negative outlook of our children throughout the world with United Nations employees, showing our peaceful youth in action. Some time later another article of mine, this time for Los Angeles Family Magazine was about a wonderful Program Director of Family Place Upward Bound House - Tracy Woodburry, who guides families with children out of homelessness to a lifestyle with school, work and housing.

Dedicated to these heartfelt themes, one day I got back to my fiction writing and realized I want to write for kids directly expressing all of my thoughts and visions through stories and characters. Thus this decision re-ignited my former love of reading great classics from my youth, and a thrill to return to what seemed my natural path - inventing the world as I see it.

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