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Author Interview Joy DeKok

Today we have an interview with Joy DeKok author of Rain Dance and other books. I loved Joy's book Rain Dance; it pulled me in. You may read my Review of Rain Dance here. AFTER you read the interview here with Joy. ;P There is also a giveaway for a copy of Joy's book Rain Dance read to the end to find out how you could win a copy.

Thanks Joy for sharing with us today. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm married (32 years) to Jon. We live on 35 acres of woods and fields with our dogs, Sophie & Tucker. I love holding hands with Jon, walking, reading, time with family, and lunch out with girlfriends.

Lunch with girlfriends sounds fun to me. In one word describe yourself.

There you have it, right from Joy's mouth. I don't know her but would love to meet her someday. Probably won't be here on this earth, but when we get to Heaven- what a reunion we'll have. Please share with us one fun fact about yourself.
I wish I could drive and win one NASCAR race.

Now wouldn't that be nice. How long have you been writing?
Since I was 4 years old and was given some tracing paper - instead of carefully following the lines of the pictures, I picked the words. Then I'd tape my pages together dreaming about the day I could write my own and see them in a for real book.

And the dream stayed alive. Who has had the most influence in your writing? and How have they influenced your writing?
My husband. I'd given up the dream. He came home one day (when we could NOT afford it) and told me I was free to quit my job and follow my dream of writing. The next day, he had a desk and word processor delivered to our door. I resigned confident not in myself, but in Jon's belief in me and his certainty that God would more than make up for the financial challenges. He did.

That is so nice to have a husband behind what you do. It makes it much easier. Let's talk about the featured book Rain Dance. What brought the theme (infertility and abortion) about?
I'm not sure - it was conceived as an idea that would not let me go.

Guess you have to write what God lays on your heart. It must have been a story that need told. Why did you feel the need for writing Rain Dance?
I am passionately pro-life and deeply love women who have chosen abortion. This statement sometimes raises eyebrows - as if the two can't be part of the same person. When I started the book, I didn't know women who were different from the characters in the book would open their hearts to both sides with me or that women like Jonica and Stacie would trust me with their stories - parts of them they'd never before shared. I just knew the story had to be written.

I could tell your passion while reading your book. Do you generally put one of your a qualities you have in your characters? If so which character in Rain Dance would you relate most to? and Why?
In Rain Dance, Jonica is most like me although she's younger, prettier, and weighs a lot less! Her journey mirrors mine and although I resisted author intrusion, the story demanded it.

If you're anything like Jonica then you're a wonderful friend to those who need you. What do you like to see the reader of the book to come away with after reading Rain Dance?
A new view of abortion - I never compromise my pro-life beliefs in this book, but I hope they will see there is another side to the issue. Women who regret their choice and suffer the shame in silence as if it were the unforgiveable sin. It's not! Maybe the final question in the book in the author's notes says it best: Will they find sanctuary in our sanctuaries?

It is so easy to pass judgment. Oh, how careful we must be in that area. But for the grace of God it be I. Is Rain your only published book? If not, Please share some other titles of your books with us.
Under His Wings (a devotional) was published several years ago with Barbour and is going to be re-released in March 2010 by Sheaf House Publishers. I also have two children's books in print, It Is Good and Room for Bandit. A third, Raccoon Tales, will be released in a few weeks. I'm also self-publishing some manuals and workbooks that go with topics I speak, teach, and coach on.

I love devotionals too. I'll have to keep eye open for this re-release next year. Do you write in any other genre? is so Which?

Yes. I write fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.

I love children's books may have to check into some of these you listed. Do you have any books in the works? Can you share briefly with us what is coming down the line?
Right now I'm focused on the other authors at Sheaf House Publishing - I'm the marketing director there now and we have some great books on the market and coming out in the next three plus years. I'm also writing some workbooks for my new author coaching business, speaking at women's retreats, and writing another novel. I love my job

You sound like a busy person. How could someone find you on-line?

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions so we could better know you as an author and person. Do you have any closing thoughts you'd like to leave us with?
If you're a writer - write what's been given to you. While it's not the inspired Word of God, there's a reason for that idea flitting around like a pesky gnat. Write outside the lines. If you're a reader, try a new author. If you can't think of anyone, try me. I know that's blatant advertising, but the truth is, there are some great new authors out there. I'm not sure I'm one of the great ones - I'm simply one of many readers might want to give a chance.

You were a new author for me. I try to pick up new authors. Thanks again for the visit. Readers: Don't forget you may read my Review of Rain Dance here.

Now for the giveaway. Leave a comment telling me which character Joy feels she best relates to. I will put all names of those that leave a correct answer to the question into the hat for a copy of Joy's book Rain Dance. Be sure to leave your e-mail address. US residents only please. Drawing will be held on Nov. 6th.

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Shawntele said...

Joy stated that she most relates to Jonica in Rain Dance.

Wonderful interview, I appreciated the mention of readers trying new authors, this is why I am enjoying reading these reviews so much, and winning giveaways sure helps!! lol

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Anonymous said...

Joy best relates to Jonica.

Thank you for the delightful interview.


Carole said...

I just wanted to say that this is an excellent book and I look forward to reading more of Joy's books. - Carole

Shawntele said...

Thanks so much Abi!!