Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Night Stand Meme ~ Oct.

What's On Your Nightstand

Here is my last posted listing. I have more of the books read. the reviews will be coming up as time goes on. All in dark print are read just don't have reviews posted. Old list here

My new list.
Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller
Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman
The winter of candy cane by Debbie Viguie
The Great Christmas Bowl by Susan May Warren
One Imperfect Christmas by Myra Johnson
A Blue & Gray Christmas (4-in-1 book)
A Bride by Christmas (4-in-1 book)



Janet said...

Someone's in a Christmas frame of mind! :-) We are around here, too.

Lisa notes... said...

What a good reminder that I need to start thinking about Christmas books, too. Enjoy!

morninglight mama said...

Looks like you have it all planned out for a while here! Happy reading this month--

Lauren said...

Looks like you are ready for Christmas! Enjoy!

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

I've not read any of these and I'm not gonna cause I'm notready for Christmas! Lol! :) Just kidding, I will look into some of these titles soon.