Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman

Will, young widow, Sadie Fisher, truly be able to know God's will for her life? Should she remain without a husband and family? What is it she should do? Then there is Kade Saunders, an Englischer, that comes to stay in her guest cottage. What is it about him that makes her so uncomfortable? The bishop is keeping a close eye out that Sadie keeps to the Amish ways and doesn't get swayed by this newcomer. Then a new twist comes in when Tyler, Kade's son shows up. Sadie takes a liking to this special needs child. What is it God has in store for Sadie? Can she really trust Him with her heart? Will He keep His promises?

I have read all three of Beth's daughters of promise books so far. They are excellent. This one is no different. She makes you feel as though you are right there in Paradise, PA living the Amish life with her characters. She brings them to life that's for sure. two thumbs up can't wait til the next one. One thing I do regret is that Mrs. Wisemen does use some curse words in her book (see details here).

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Shawntele said...

This series sounds like a wonderful read, I am making a note of it on my reading list, thanks!!