Saturday, October 31, 2009

B is for Bufflehead by Steve Hutchcraft

This book is something to tweet about, squawk about, crow about, chirp about, quack about, honk about if you are an inquisitive, young or old, bird lover. Want to help your child learn about birds? then this is the book you need. Your child will fly into the fowls' life while reading. Sssshhhh don't tell them but they'll be learning while reading. It will not only entertain young minds but also educate them as well. The author takes the reader on an ABC flight to the wonderful world of birds in North America. The photos in this book were captured by the author himself. They are bright and eye-catching some even humorous. The book is filled with fascinating bird personalities, unique behaviors of birds, and intriguing fun facts. There are common birds, silly sounding named birds and funny looking birds included in this ABCs of birds. At the end of the book are pages of Who's Who challenge, which are challenges taken from the birds they read about in the book to see if they can remember Who's Who. There is even a Baby bird challenge page and pages filled with more detailed informative facts (ex: where they live, their habitat, and the food they eat) on each bird they encountered in the book. What better way to become a feathered friend lover than with a book.

Take a peek inside the book. If you click on the banner below it will take you to the cover of the book and you can flip through the sample book with the arrows on the page. Or you can click on each picture below which will take you to the the link so you can read the page better.


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