Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans

A bird with a wounded wing, fighting to fly high and straight, that is how Max Benson described Jade Fitzgerald when he first met her. He wanted to protect and help her, but how? Jade wishing to keep Prairie City and her life there closed behind locked doors of the past makes for a new start in Whisper Hollow as a vintage shop keeper of the Blue Umbrella. Jade wins the title of 'Queen of Vintage' amongst those that love her. 13 years of past skeletons are coming out of the closest as Max and Jade plan to wed in just a few short weeks. Will they be able to weather the storm and meet the deadline so that the past can be put in the past where it belongs and move on to brighter days ahead as husband and wife? Will Jade ever be able to forgive her parents? Oh, how she wishes she could be a 'kite in the wind' as her little sister, Willow, is described. Can the past truly make no difference on a person's life and heart? Can Jade really become free from her past? Can there truly be no wrong choices, just journeys and adventures as her hippie mom, Beryl, calls them? Can the past ever be known as the Sweet by and by?

This book flashes back and forth between Jade's present and past. It is a first book for Sara Evans. Only thing I disliked about the book was some swear words on the pages. The author knows how to draw the reader in from the first page to the last. It is defiantly a page turner. In this contemporary book, Evans mixes in some humor and whit to add life to her characters.

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Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I didn't find the cuss words to be gratuitiius though. Here is my review

apple blossom said...

No, they weren't really bad. But my rule is three strikes and I must say in my review that they are there. There were more than three. I as a Christian must let other's know if in case they wish to read the book. The warning is there. No, they weren't too bad of words and I've started books and never finished them because I was really offended at the language. This one I finished and enjoyed very much.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for linking up my review. :)

eph2810 said...

Sounds like an interesting read. Thank you for being up-front with the language issues you had.

Love & peace,