Friday, June 4, 2010

Absolutely Chocolate

Who can resist chocolate??? If you have a chocolate addict in the house then you need this book. Oh, the things you'll find in this book; very hard to resist recipes.
From bars to cookies, cakes, fun desserts, frozen desserts, bread, sauces and drinks, plus more. All you need to know about chocolate is in this book. It'll take you from the cocoa bean to the bar. You'll learn about chocolate styles, which chocolate is right for baking and which for snacking. How to store and keep chocolate, best way to chop chocolate and what to look for when buying chocolate. There are tips on how to make chewy or crisp cookies, and how to make perfect cookies every time. The recipes will even tell you if the item is fit to make ahead and freeze or the best way to store the item.
Other things you'll find in this book:
  • tips on smooth cheese cake
  • good methods for melting chocolate
  • tips for perfect pots de creme
  • keys to luscious mousse
  • tips for making chewy-crisp pavlova shell
  • flaky baklava layers
  • perfect eclairs
  • tips for handling and storing strawberries
  • equivalency charts
  • and so much more

There is even a bonus for secret ingredients for a good cook. This book is a chocolate lovers dream.

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