Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Silent Gift by Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley

I was so excited to get to review this book. However, somewhat disappointed after getting into reading it. For me it just didn't grab my attention to draw me back to it so it took me some time to finish the book. I don't know what it was about the book that turned me against it. I can't say it was the worst book I've ever read. I guess it wasn't my genre. The theme brought out in the book is unyielding love. To keep with my words code (see my code here) I must say to my surprise there are curse words used in the book. The book did have many different twists and turns.

The decade of the thirties was a time of enormous uncertainty-for the world, for America, and in particular for one lonely, struggling mother and her disabled son. But then The Gift appears...where has it come from, and why? How can a young boy who cannot communicate provide comfort and direction to seekers who learn of the special ability Whatever the source, its presence brings a single shaft of light and hope to Mary and her beloved son, Jack... Will it be enough?

With over ten million DVDs sold of the hit Love Come Softly movie series, director Michael Landon Jr. is known for his ability to capture characters and themes on film. A feat he couldn't do without the help of his longtime screenwriting partner Cindy Kelley.

Now they bring their creative teamwork to the world of books. A bittersweet story of hope in the midst of suffering, The Silent Gift follows the story of a devoted mother and her disabled son trying to survive the Great Depression-and the discovery of the boy's unusual gift.

"We wanted to tell a story to illustrate that one's worth isn't dependent upon what society deems valuable, but that our intrinsic worth comes from our Creator," said Landon Jr. and Kelley.

Yet the book explores another theme-one that isn't often found in the pages of fiction. And one that the authors didn't take lightly.

"The uniqueness of this story is that it focuses on a child who is both deaf and mute, but everyone believes has a gift of prophecy, " said the authors. "It was intriguing to delve into the spiritual gift of prophecy and its own unique implications."

With prophecy as a hot-button issue with some denominations, Landon Jr. and Kelley wanted to give an accurate but thought-provoking portrayal of this special gift. As a result, they conducted in-depth research as well as interviewed some of the top theological minds of today.

"The challenge was trying to find clarity between actual prophecy and what we typically call 'psychic' today," they said.

With research balanced by story, Landon Jr. and Kelley weave a beautiful narrative of love and enormous sacrifices that lingers long after the last page has been read.

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