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Dare to be Yourself by Andreas Dudas

Bestselling author Andreas Dudas has solutions for those facing a career or life change in his new book, Do You Dare To Be Yourself? Developing Power in Life and Leadership Through Authenticity. The book can be described as Who Moved My Cheese? meets If Life is a Game, These are the Rules. Based on the author’s real experience gained from all over the world as project director, life coach and manager in top executive positions , the book offers frank thoughts, vivid examples, concrete advice and mental techniques all designed to inspire people in transition to find their true calling. According to Dudas, “It is an empowering resource for those willing to step beyond fear and create the real destiny that they want.  It is a master plan for living a successful authentic life.”

Do You Dare To Be Yourself? goes beyond standard how-to books. It engages the reader by placing them on a journey to self-authenticity in an allegory format—making it easy to understand complex principles that have the potential to liberate a person from living an unfulfilled life. The book provides elements of leadership, self-help and spiritual wisdom all designed to compel the reader to leave their comfort zone and make the transition to a rewarding life and fulfilling career. “I want to help people find inner peace by living authentically. I want them to find clarity and purpose for life,” says Dudas, who holds a diploma in Mental Training and Coaching, along with a host of other degrees in civil engineering, leadership, and conflict management.

Dudas believes the road to living a fulfilling life involves overcoming fear, walking in personal integrity and credibility, living true to your values and being determined to get what you want out of life. He believes that the reason there is so much stress and unhappiness in life is because people do not place those values in high regard. They are afraid to move out and are stuck in a life crisis or career crisis.  Do You Dare To Be Yourself? challenges readers to live their true values and step into a new destiny. “This will ultimately help people to achieve personal wellness, real power and mental stability.”

My apologizes I'm a little late getting this review posted.  I'm trying to stay above water this month.  I'm studying for a teacher's exam this month so we are in crunch.  Trying to keep up with 2 blogs and book reading and exam studying.  When I scheduled the monthly book reviews I wasn't thinking exam study so I did it to myself.  UGH!  any way such is life.  Now for this book review....

This book was interesting to say the least.  It wasn't what I expected in the least.  I thought it was going to be nonfiction type book; to my surprise it turned out to be a fiction. Took a little bit to get into but after I got going in it I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next.  I can't say I've ever read one quite like this.  Very unique in it's approach to the content it goes into.  If you want a fiction book to a nonfiction subject this is the book.

Andreas was born in 1964 in Switzerland to immigrant parents who spent more than 10 years in a forced labour camp. He was constantly ridiculed by the citizens of his home town, bullied by his fellow students, excluded from any social and sports activities and dismissed from school. Despite such an adverse, he was not willing to comprise himself for the sake of others’ opinions or letting people influence him in a negative way. Against all odds, he started to develop both a thick skin for fighting his way towards a life he really deserved and a big heart respecting others despite their harsh behaviour. The reward? People started to admire him for his credibility and integrity earned through his authentic life and leadership style and began to entrust him with the most challenging leadership tasks. He turned multi-billion infrastructure projects around, restructured successfully difficult ventures in emerging markets, which were initially doomed to failure or helped to successfully settle geo-political conflicts. It was only then when he recognised his true life purpose: to encourage and empower individuals to live an authentic life for reaching their deepest fulfillment and becoming outstanding leaders who make a real difference to this world.
Over the years Andreas has become a real advocate for authentic (life) leadership. Experiences have also taught him the importance of combining traditional elements of management and leadership with Eastern philosophy. He has worked for over 20 years in international management in top executive positions across various industries and in more than 25 different countries, mostly in developing and emerging markets. His career has taken him to Latin America, the United States, the Middle East and throughout Asia. Apart from his extensive involvement in top management positions he acts as mental trainer and motivational speaker and has added his vast life and leadership experience to empowering thousands of people for living and leading authentically.
Andreas studied at various international universities and holds an MSc in civil engineering, an MBA in leadership and cross-functional teambuilding, and an MSc in logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore, he has a degree in international conflict management, inter-cultural communication and holds a diploma in mental training and coaching.

Andreas has been breathing and living leadership over more than 20. He has inspired and trained thousands of people, partly through “horse-assisted” leadership trainings, a groundbreaking method for empowering authentic individuals.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review of Andreas's book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect either, but as I skimmed through it I thought it would be a great read. It's on my TBR list.

Good luck with your exam.