Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Blame Eve by Susanna Foth Aughtmon

If you find that:
  • you are not content with what God  has for you
  • you want more control
  • you are seeking a bit of calm (Eden) from the crazy life 

The this book is for you.....
The author shares many reasons why we as women should blame Eve for eating the forbidden fruit that day way back at the beginning of creation in the beautiful perfect Garden of Eden.  Aughtmon twists in a bit-o-humor as she tries to get across to her readers that the battle begins in our mind.   When we start doubting God is the beginning of our downfall. Satan likes to twist the truth just enough to bring about temptation and mislead us.  Sin starts when the thought is planted you don't even have to take action.  When we desire to take matters in our own hands that's when things begin to go in the wrong direction. 

Thought out the book you will find the author leads the reader to find freedom from:
  • the cage of perfectionism
  • the hold of control issues
  • Satan's lies
  • feeling hopelessness when your world is spinning out of control
  • feeling anger when plans go awry
 When I first started reading the introduction I was a tiny bit concerned because the author leads the reader in the introduction to believe that man/woman was created first before all things.  That caused some concern as in the Bible "Creation" account man/woman was God's final and crowning creation on Day 6.  This concerned me somewhat, but the issue was never mentioned through out the book so I don't know why the author leads you at the beginning to believe this thought.  After that I totally enjoyed the book and its contents.  

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