Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teach Children to Read Faster by Dennis Brooks

This book is a wonderful resource for the classroom teacher and home schooler or those that need the remedial help, good for young and adults alike.  Brooks helps with this one-to-one reading teacher right here at your finger tips.  There are 50+ lessons in this book as well as tests plus instructions to teach your student.  There are instructions on phonics, blending of sounds and short sentence reading practices.  You'll find information on how children learn to read as well as explanation on linguistics and phonics in reading.  The content is arranged in such as was as to not be intimidating to those that are teaching themselves to read.  The lessons are arranged with easy in front and progress on. 

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About the author:
Dennis put all study-words on lists and arranged them from smallest to largest and did the same thing with the poems and short stories. This made the reading program a self-teaching course for most students. Those who have a high aptitude for languages, regardless of their age, can teach themselves to read without constant one-to-one tutoring. Those who struggle with learning to read simply need basic instructions and reading assignments, which can be given as homework. At some point, students will learn to recognize the phonetic core of the common words and use those skills to sound out and read many of the 600,000 words that make up the English language.
Dennis has dyslexia and has used the program to improve his reading skills as well. Since dyslexia hindered his ability to read, write, and spell; developing, teaching, and testing this program took place over a span of 20 years. Nevertheless, since developing and testing the program, he has more than quadrupled his reading speed.
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A copy of this book was provided by the author and Bostick Communications for the purpose of this review.


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