Monday, January 21, 2013

American Patriots: Answering the Call to Freedom by Rick Santorum

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are worth fighting for, well that is what the men and women found in Rich Santorum's book thought at least.  If you are truly an American Patriot then this is a book that you need to read.  It is a WOW book and will put you on fire for defending your freedom, which is quickly being snatched away by a tyrannical government.  This book is about individuals who embraced the ideals laid out by our founding fathers.  Patrick Henry's famous words "give me liberty or give me death", were the words of every patriot Santorum  featured in this book - and as I see it with the way our country is heading may have to be the words of more patriots in the very near feature.  Most of the patriots in this book aren't your common household names; they are ones that were the true patriots of freedom, the ones you don't hear about and didn't want to be acknowledged as a hero of their time.  They came from every walk of life, but they rose to the challenge of their time. At the close of the book is a copy the Declaration of Independence, if you've never read it, read it and a list of the names of those that signed it.  There hasn't been a better time for this book to hit the shelves than in 2012 and not a better time for a push for reading it than right now.  Are you going to Answer the Call and stand up against those that want to put us back in shackles?  We are working toward another Stalin/Hitler era if we American Patriots don't stand up and fight like true Americans.  Hail, AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

Visit Rick Santorum's  Patriot Voices site here.

 The United States of America was founded and established by ordinary citizens just like you and me. In their struggle for independence, these heroic men and women willingly shed their blood, sweat, and tears—often sacrificing their own lives and fortunes in order to hand down the precious legacy of freedom we all enjoy today. Now is the time for a new generation of American patriots to rise up and join in the fight. Now is the time for every American to return to the virtues, values, and ideals that formed our foundation of freedom, and enable America to remain a great nation, a powerful democracy, and a beacon of hope for the world.

American Patriots highlights the heroic men and women who valiantly fought to secure our God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—not only for themselves and their children, but for countless future generations. Their stories are a true reminder of the extraordinary faith, courage, and determination that set this country on the path to greatness centuries ago, and an inspiration for future generations of great American patriots.

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