Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tears for Nanertak by Skip Hofstrand

Since we are in the middle of arctic weather right at the present I thought it would be fitting to post this review today.  Tears for Nanertak teaches the reader about what happens when the climate changes in the arctic regions of the world.   The animals must leave to find a new home.  The book was written and illustrated by the author.  He uses watercolors in his illustrations in Tears for Nanertak.  I thought it was interesting that the artists’ watercolor illustrations were painted with water taken from the melting Greenland Ice Cap,  which was collected by Will Steger, polar explorer and winner of National Geographic’s prestigious John Oliver LaGorce award for exploration, science, and public service.The illustrations from the book are part of Hofstrand's The Land Weeps with You series.

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For most of us, it’s hard to imagine our home vanishing. But for Nanertak, a polar bear cub, the melting of her Arctic homeland means that she has nowhere to live. She and her mother, Nanuck, are forced to escape. Their exit by iceberg is full of danger – the beginning of an incredible journey of survival. Many tears are shed along the way, but there is unexpected hope for Nanertak's future...along with a solution to the problem of her disappearing Arctic homeland. Join Nanertak and Nanuck as they search for their new home in this beautiful story that is both educational and inspiring for children and adults alike.

Skip Hofstrand has been a professional watercolor artist for twenty-six years. This is his first children’s picture book. Skip has served as medical director for all of explorer Will Steger’s polar expeditions.

A copy of this book was provided by the author and Bostick Communications for the purpose of this review.


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