Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ella the Pink Elephant by Doris Rueger

The author brings to life Ella, the pink elephant, in this fantasy book about a zoo elephant that is turned into a gorgeous modeling elephant.   Throughout this book the author brings out the importance of love and self acceptance.  Learning how to live graciously in the limelight is another good concept that parents can bring out as they read this book with their child.  The author is also the illustrator of this book using crayon and pencil. If you have a pink enthusiast or a fashionista child then this would be a book they probably love-  it's all about pink and fashion.

Publisher: Create Space
ISBN: 978-1469937564
Pages: 40
SP:  $9.13

As a child, Ella was the star animal of one of the world's largest zoos. Her keepers dressed her in pink silks and shawls, while friends and admirers flocked to her side. Yet as all creatures must do, Ella grew older. She grew tired of all the work it took to remain at the center of everyone's attention. After many years, Ella wanted to be taken to a retirement zoo where she could rest and enjoy her days in peace.

Born and raised in Germany, Doris Rueger attended college in the United States and graduated with a master's degree in literature and journalism. After a thirty year career in the scientific community, she now pursues her love for literature by writing and illustrating children's books.   Rueger lives in Bellport, New York.  

Rueger used her grandchildren as a vehicle for writing Morris the Village Voice. Her love and admiration for them led her to create a story that she hopes will inspire and encourage their generation and many more to come.

 “I want to teach children the value of living, learning and loving themselves for who they are,” Rueger says. “If you believe in something strongly, you can make a difference!”  

Winner of the Summer 2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for "Ella the Pink Elephant"  

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A copy of this book was provided by the author and Bostick Communications for the purpose of this review.



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I would share this book with my grandson!

nicolesender said...

We have a quiet New Year. Good food and just relax!

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share with my grand daughters..
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I would share this with my sweet niece. She would enjoy reading it.
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Our tradition is to go to church New Years Eve for snacks and a white elephant grab bag. New Years Day its the Tournament of Roses Parade and football and snacks

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