Monday, January 7, 2013

For Women Only: in the workplace by Shaunti Feldhahn

 If you are female and trying to climb that corporate ladder then this may be just the book you need to invest in. Eight years of research and study from author Shaunti Feldhahn has brought about her writing this book.  It is a great book if you truly want to understand you male counterpart in the workplace.  It will help to open your eyes to a men's view of the workplace.  Feldhahn doesn't say the men's view is correct she just lays it out as to what it is a women needs to overcome to get somewhere in a man's world - the work place.  I got this book with the intent of sharing it with my business "college student" - senior daughter.  I think she will and others like her will benefit  from Feldhahn's book. 

About This Book

Do You Know the Unwritten Rules of the Workplace?

As a veteran of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, Shaunti Feldhahn knows that even the most experienced Christian businesswoman can inadvertently sabotage her career simply because she doesn’t know how her male supervisors, colleagues, and employees think.

For Women Only in the Workplace gives you startling insights into the expectations and perceptions of men at work. Whether you work in a corporate setting, a small business, or a ministry, you’ll find Shaunti’s research invaluable as you discover:

· What you need to know about a man’s hidden insecurity
· What “it’s not personal, it’s just business” actually means to men
· How men view emotion in the workplace—and what they consider to be emotion
· How what you wear can significantly hinder your effectiveness at work
· The secrets to being strong and competent—without being viewed as difficult

Based on eight years of intense research, extensive interviews, and national surveys of more than 3,000 men—from CEOs to assistants, from factory workers to lawyers—For Women Only in the Workplace gives you the keys you need to be who you are and be respected and successful wherever you work with men.

Includes a group discussion guide.

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