Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dug Down Deep by Jousha Harris

My review:
In his book Dug Down Deep author, Joshua Harris, is very transparent with his readers in helping them to really find the truth in what they believe. Harris shares with the reader his own spiritual journey to finding the truth and how to live it. Harris relates that the lessons he needed weren't found in textbooks, but in the hearts and lives of Godly men. Finding a Godly mentor isn't as easy and is sounds.

The purpose of Harris' book is to help the read see the need for truly "knowing" Jesus. Every person that has ever lived has some idea or opinion about what God is like. Even the atheist has an opinion of God, whether he wants to admit it or not; his opinion is there is no God. The biggest question is whether the information you have acquired about God is true.

Harris helps the reader examine key beliefs to rightly knowing God, His person and work, and His true Word. Harris doesn't use hard to understand terms. He explains big terms so that you can understand them. Harris encourages his readers to really dig down deep and truly get to know God and what you believe.

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