Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost the post

Dear Valued readers....
I regret that I've lost an e-mail of one of you valued readers. It was sent to me a few weeks back. It was an award that you awarded my blog. Unfortunately, I have lost it in the past two days. I was going to post it yesterday, but I couldn't find the link in my e-mail messages. Argh! If you remember that you sent me an award and haven't seen that I've posted it up would you please resend the link to me so I can get it posted. I am truly sorry that I lost it. I thought I filed it under to be posted, but I can't find it in the file box and I can't find it in my Inbox . I just saw it yesterday but can't find it now when I want to post it, of course that's par for the course. So I must have clicked on it and made it disappear. I'm good at doing that. I can't for some reason learn how to make them reappear.


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