Friday, January 8, 2010

the One-Day Way by Chantel Hobbs

The One-Day Way has inspired me. It's just want I needed. This book is a wonderful source of inspiration as well as information. Hobbs shares her heart with the reader in this book. I just don't know where to beginning. My doctor has been after me to lose a few pounds and I know I'd feel better if I did. So Hobbs is my inspiration here at the beginning of this new year. I've already programed myself to think one day at a time. In order to build a new life the author tells us we need to change our thinking. So, I'm trying to do just that. Discipline is needed in this new one-day way as well as commitment.
"Yesterday is irrelevant. Tomorrow is unimportant. Today is what matters"

Today and today only is what one needs to focus on. Tomorrow is a new day, another chance. Bite-by-bite the pounds can be taken off. This is not a diet it's a new way of thinking and a new lifestyle. Success is measured one good decision at a time, one pound at a time and one day at a time as we meet one bite size goal at a time says Hobbs. A 'maverick attitude' is what is needed in this new life changing adventure.

Hobbs book gives you the foundation materials needed to build a quality lifestyle. This book is the foundation and framework.
This book will help you change the way you look at:
  • faith: skepticism won't work
  • food: learn to control it
  • fitness: your body was made to move. So move!

  • Some things you'll find in the chapters of this book:
  • simple ways to make exercise fun
  • detailed meal plans
  • fitness tools needed to be fit for life
  • strength training workout - how to get maximum results using simple equipment
  • a contract
  • 2 - sets of 10 commandments: One for weight loss & One for getting fit
  • and more

Now comes the Giveaway. I have one book for giveaway. Go to Chantel's web site here and look around. Come back and tell me something you found, learned, etc. while you were looking at her site. I'll add your name to the drawing for a copy of this book. US residents only please. I'll draw a winner from all those that leave a comment on Jan. 23rd.

For more information about this book click here.

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Melissa Burmester said...

I learned that the author los 200 lbs and has kept it off for years. she also ran in 5 marathons.


Anonymous said...

chantel has numerous recipes on her blog site :)


Charity said...

I learned that she is a running coach with the Leukemia an Lymphoma Society. She is a very busy woman:) Please enter me. Thanks!!


Edna said...

I saw where the woman lost 180 lbs and kept it off, I don't need to lose that much but need to lose because I have diabeties.

Please enter me in the contest

Edna said...

I also have a link to your blog to mine.