Monday, July 26, 2010

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series by Beverly Lewis

I have another favorite author that I'm going to brag on today. It is Beverly Lewis. You may visit Beverly's web site here. I believe I have read all of her adult books that she has in publication right now. Except for her newest one The Telling. I want to brag on another one of her series right now. Beverly Lewis is an author I don't believe you'll be sorry that you read. She keeps you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the book. I had a pastor's wife recommend Beverly Lewis to me about five years ago. My first encounter with Beverly Lewis was in

From there I checked out every book I could of Beverly Lewis' at our library. Yep, you guessed it I'm a fan. Thanks for writing Beverly. I've also read some of her YA books to my daughter.

Now for the
The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series

A powerful new series based on an actual historical event—a heated debate over salvation and tractors that causes a group of Amish families to break away from the Old Order—and two young people who are caught in the heartbreaking divide.

Passionate and stubborn Nellie Fisher knows that if her family breaks away from their church district, she stands to lose her beloved Caleb, staunch in his Old Order beliefs. But if she follows Caleb, she will lose her dear family. And what of the gentle stirrings she feels when her bishop-uncle speaks of an assurance of salvation her soul longs for?

Continuing to meet at the millstream, their secret place, Nellie and Caleb are determined to be together. Will their families end up on the same side? Or will Nellie and Caleb be forced to part?

The Church Split Has Not Extinguished Their Love,
But the Demands of One Man Still Stand in Their Way•.

Caleb Yoder's father has forbidden him to court Nellie Mae Fisher, but words alone cannot stop Caleb's devotion. Yet if he continues to pursue Nellie, he risks losing everything.
Nellie, too, is torn. She longs to marry her Old Order beau but cannot ignore the gentle pull she feels toward the faith of her New Order family. Can she and her beloved satisfy the expectations of the People while remaining true to their hearts?

The People themselves dare to challenge the Old Ways of their heritage...and each patriarch must choose a side.

Nearly one hundred days have passed since the untimely death of Nellie Mae Fisher's beloved younger sister, Suzy, and Nellie dares again to dream of a future with handsome Caleb Yoder. But with rumors about Suzy still flying among the People, there are those who would keep the young courting couple apart...including Caleb's own father.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Honeybrook's Amish farmers are demanding tractors and other forbidden modern conveniences. When a revival adds to the tensions, passions flare. With the Old Order community pushed to the breaking point, Nellie and Caleb find their families--and themselves--in the midst of what threatens to become an impossible divide.

In This Highly Anticipated Series Conclusion,
a Single Moment Can Transform a Life ... And a Heart.

Although she still thinks of Caleb Yoder, Nellie Mae Fisher has broken up with her beau, choosing instead to follow the ways of the New Order. Yet her yearning for a husband remains, and new possibilities beckon, taking her heart by surprise.

A tragic accident binds Caleb once more to the father who so opposed his affection for Nellie ... and to the farm that will no longer be his. As he longs for freedom, Caleb soon discovers he cannot forget the only girl he's ever loved.


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