Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Watermelon Cowboy by Lyn Cote-Part 2

The first part of this story was posted on Friday July 2nd-(here)

"The county's Sweet Corn Festival was the last big summer celebration. Sarah just wasn't in the mood for festivities, but Grandma wouldn't dream of missing the fair. In the evening breeze, Sarah walked slowly beside her grandmother who leaned on her cane. Grandma struggled over the uneven grass to the shady area where the older generation sat on lawn chairs and fanned themselves. Grandmother was greeted cheerfully. With Danny beside her, Sarah snapped open a lawn chair and helped her grandmother settle into it.

"Mom! It's the Watermelon Cowboy!" Danny waved. "Hi!"

"Hello." Tate greeted Danny, then the assembled grandparents.

Sarah noted their warm response to Tate. Obviously, he was a favorite with them.

"Thanks for helping my granddaughter pick out that corn and those melons." Martha held onto his hand. "Nobody can out-do Quint melons." (For the rest of the story visit Strong Women Brave Stories here)


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