Monday, July 26, 2010

Mailbox Monday ~ July 26, 2010

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Being gone to Church camp all week this is what I came home to on Saturday. Here is the stack opened....

This book didn't come in my mailbox last week, but I did get it personally handed to me by the author, herself, at Church camp. I'm excited to get to read this book as I've known this author and her family for over 17 years now. I just love her. I noticed the title is hard to read.
Title of book: A Mother's Heart: Elizabeth Reimer Affleck told to by her daughter Esther Dyck



pussreboots said...

Enjoy your books. Just one for me this week called Gerry Tales.

Carrie said...

I love coming home to packages. The surprises! The fun! But then, I typically enjoy mail in general.

Hope you had a great time at camp!

Cathy said...

Happy reading!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

That was a nice thing to come home to! I see some pretty good titles in there too. I hope you enjoy them all. You can relax and read after a week at camp!