Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby

This book is the author's memories of growing up in a Hutterite colony. It was very interesting. I love learning about other people and their way of life. I love reading Amish books. The author shares with the readers her heritage. What a thing to have in print. I totally enjoyed reading what it was like growing up on this colony in Canada where everything is communal. The author shares the good times and the bad times living in the New Rosedale community in Manitoba, Canada. The author also shares with the reader her favorite pie, Sucre Pie, growing up. Caution! She claims, "It will make you both happy and fat." Her reason for not being skinny. You may check out author's site here.


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Born into a reclusive Hutterite community near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Mary Ann Kirkby was shielded from main-stream culture and its expectations. Her childhood was filled with friendship, adventure, delicious food and a deep sense of belonging. Yet under the surface of this idyllic setting, disagreements and strife forced Kirkby's parents to do the unthinkable. They left the Hutterite colony with their seven children to start a new life.

In I Am Hutterite Mary Ann Kirkby shares what it was like for her as a child to leave everything she knew. And how, desperate for acceptance she denied her heritage in order to fit in with her peers. She kept her past secret for years, hoping to avoid the prejudice associated with her culture. Kirkby's journey comes full circle as an adult learning to accept and claim both the good and bad of her painful and fascinating past.

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enyl said...

This memoir will make a perfect addition to my classroom library.