Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UNWILLING WARRIOR by Andrea Boeshaar

This is book one of the "Season of Redemption" series by Andrea Boeshaar. Unwilling Warrior occurs in 1861 during the Civil War.

Boeshaar's heroine, Valerie Fontaine, has left finishing school in Virginia to be home in New Orleans with her father for this first Christmas after mother's sudden passing. Valerie's hope of fatherly comfort, though, crumbles as Father finds comfort in his bourbon bottle and work as a shipping magnate. His cruel words, utter lack of real caring for her, and talk of marriage to James Ladden wound Valerie's tender heart. The nineteen-year-old struggles to put aside her own need tor consolation and pour love into her hurting father's life while attending to the duties-Mother's duties-of home.

A welcome duty is seeing to houseguest Benjamin McCabe, a photographer capturing images of the war when his chaplain brother went missing at the Battle of Bull run. As Benjamin scours the South for signs of his brother, he fights a growing attraction to the gentle, hurting soul of beautiful Valerie. She would no want a life in his rugged home of un-settled Missouri. he has nothing else to offer-until her father's actions put Valerie's life in jeopardy.

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Andrea Boeshaar published her first novel in 1994 and is co-founder of the 2,000+ member organization American Christian Fiction Writers. She has taught at various writers conferences including Write to Publish, Oregon Christian Writers Conference, and Mount Hermon. A former literary agent, she now spends her non-writing time as a certified life coach. She has been married to Daniel for over 30 years and is mom to three sons, grandmom to two. Learn more about Andrea here.

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